Welcome to The Jewellery Quarter

The Jewellery Quarter is an area located approximately 1 mile from Birmingham's Bullring and has a famous reputation for the manufacture of Jewellery, coins, medals, trophies and pens

In the 19th Century Joseph Gillott made the Jewellery Quarter famous for manufacturing pen nibs, which contributed to the spread of Literacy and writing to the working classes.

There are over 400 manufacturing and retail jewellery businesses within the quarter which has developed over 250 years.

The Jewellery Quarter has been transformed since the 1970's from a manufacturing area to an urban village and centre for creative businesses.

The Jewellery Quarter has kept its historical importance which has led to numerous conservation schemes and industrial heritage. It is a designated conservation area with over 200 listed buildings.

The Jewellery quarter has Britain's busiest assay office and is the largest in the World, handling over 12 million articles per year and putting the famous anchor hallmark on items.

Did you know, The Jewellery Quarter still makes 40% of all UK Jewellery, which is distributed around the country.
One fun fact is that the whistles used on the Titanic were made in the Jewellery Quarter.
The Jewellery quarter is home to the largest school of Jewellery in Europe.

In the Jewellery quarter we also have the famous and historic cemeteries/catacombs that bring tourists all year round